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n°1 February 2012




to speed-up the transfer of water related research output for better implementation of Water Directives

The project LIFE09 ENV/FR/000593 started on the 1st of September 2010.

First months were dedicated to define the main concepts: "Outputs, Products, Market needs, Risks for innovating" to go towards the assessment method used to scrutinise research projects and outputs: the REMAS tools. Since the beginning of the project, WaterRtoM identified, listed and ranked 144 research projects at European level (from LIFE and Interreg programmes) and national level (for France, Poland, Spain and Romania).




The aims of water RtoM:

Water RtoM in figure

  • to speed-up the transfer of research outputs to practitioners for a better implementation of the WFD (Water Framework Directive)
  • to connect policy, science and practice
  • to promote national (PL, FR, RO, ES) and international outputs of projects (LIFE, Interreg, etc.) - selection of more than 60 research projects and analysis of their results- the main activities of Water RtoM
  • 50 outputs selected per year (150 for all the project duration)
  • 20 to 30 research outputs assessed per year through the ReMAS
  • 8 to 12 research outputs assessed per year through a business case
  • 2 European events per year
  • 5 national seminars per year
  • 4 e-seminars per year
  • website
  • e-fair

The activities of Water RtoM

State of progress

  • PERMANENT WATCHING OF THE SECTORS: looking for interesting water research outputs and identifying actual market needs and problems
  • RESEARCH MARKET ASSESSMENT STRATEGY: tool providing fast and efficient reviewing and estimation of chosen products (outputs)
  • Business cases will be developed in close negotiation with the researcher and potential users for the implementation (roadmap)
  • PROMOTION OF INNOVATION PRECURSORS (Brokerage events, National Seminars, E- Seminars, E -Fair )



The ReMAS (Research Market Assessment Strategy) is in continuous cycle of improvement. The version 3 is expected in March 2013.

To be further in the evaluation of the distance to the market, some innovative outputs will benefit from business cases (the description of what should be done to develop innovation).

In Feb. 2012: 21 ReMAS and 8 business cases have been elaborated.

Give your view on the First version of the e-fair is now available at

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Agenda of Water RtoM 2012

For 2012, Water RtoM will promote the innovations in 20 national and european events:

European events:

March 6-7 - SMAGUA (Zaragoza, Spain)

May 22-24 - WODKAN Fair (Bydgoszcz, Poland),

June 11-13 - EXPOAPA (Bucharest, Romania),

August 28 -30 - WATER WORLD WEEK (Stockholm, Sweden),

November 28 - POLLUTEC (Lyon, France)

The partners will organise events focused on specific thematic:

National Seminars - more details...

E-seminars - more details....

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Innovation precursors

Following products are some of outcomes that have been identified by Water RtoM team as the ones close to market with high potential transferability, close to the status "ready to use". They are solving one of the market needs . These outputs are described in terms of what should be done to develop innovation,i.e. to support the action plan for implementation of the output into the market in a shorter timescale.



Method to apply existing surface water and groundwater modelling tool which take into account the forest impact on water resource. Results of forest management and climate change scenarios simulations. Good practices guide to manage forest land cover regarding the protection of water resource.

Key information: quality of natural ecosystem, free software, procedure

State of progress: in phase of calibration test. Modelling tool available in Dec 2012,

IPR: Mines School intellectual property, free of charge

Next steps to be ready for the market: to develop interface user/machine - ...



New modelling software of aquifer details (SMAA. Software for Aquifer Modelling by "eigenvalues") that allows water managers to easily identify the quantities of groundwater masses without using sophisticated modelling tools.

Key information: Quality of natural systems (specify water topic),  conceptual model (type of product),

State of progress: The calculation routine, is partially implemented in SMAA, it still needs new functionalities.

Promotion of the output at national level is being successfully achieved.

IPR: Industrial property belongs to Tragsatec (TRAGSA Group).

Next steps 1. Regarding the calculation routine, it needs:

Problem formulation in finite elements models ...




It is a system supporting sanitary inspection of the bathing areas to protect the general health of users, taking under consideration the possible bacteriological contamination.

Key information: Bathing waters (specify water topic),  conceptual model (type of product),

State of progress: Information management is implemented. Alerting system is still a prototype.

IPR: The concept of the system and tools were implemented in GENESIS VII Framework Project.

Next steps to be ready for the market: Search for a new funding and/or funders, marketing actions ...




The project develop a model for measuring client satisfaction and a permanent framework for measuring citizens 'perception regarding quality of water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment through e-tool

Key information: Management process (specify water topic),  DSS (type of product),

State of progress: Ready to use

IPR: Siveco Romania

Next steps to be ready for the market:

Identifying new partners interest on quality of services.

Decision makers participation to meetings ...




With the support of the Liaison Committee members

Project consortium