El proyecto LIFE09 ENV/FR/000593 comenzó el 1 de Septiembre de 2010. Los primeros meses estuvieron enfocados en definir el marco conceptual: resultados y productos de investigación, necesidades del mercado, riesgos en la innovación del sector agua. Esta primera fase prosiguió con el seguimiento y la evaluación de cómo los proyectos de investigación en agua y sus principales resultados quedaban con respecto a su implementación (desarrollo de la herramienta ReMAS). Desde el principio del proyecto se han identificado más de 200 resultados de investigación a nivel europeo (de otros proyectos LIFE, Interreg, etc.) y a nivel nacional ( España, Francia, Polonia, Rumania).

La feria virtual

The e-fair stay open and accessible. Don't hesitate to look for innovative products and to stay in contact via the request form.

You will find here a set of research products or outputs not already on the market, that our experts specifically selected. They are enough mature to be used at the expense of some additional efforts, and you will find here the relevant information for that.

We have identified a wide set of projects and outputs, and the ones presented here are only a selection on the topics we consider may interest a wide audience. Should you have interest in one water topic, or are you looking for a solution to an existing problem, do not hesitate to search on this E-FAIR, or get in contact with us to express your needs, and we will seek for outputs/products that could solve your questions.

You have an OFFER of innovative output in the water domain? You have a DEMAND to innovate, please contact us: contact(at)waterrtom.eu in order to inform us.

In the following you can use and combine the search criteria to select only those projects you are interested in.

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Production of hydrogen and oxygen with treated waste water. Oxygen for the biologic treatment and hydrogen for fuel


Reactive layer: a reactive organic bed that, once installed in the surface of infiltration ponds, enhance the biodegradation and sorption of recalcitrant compounds during aquifer recharge
- hydROL: a numerical code to simulate the reactive layers reactions and groundwater flow during aquifer recharge 

ENSAT SPAIN 2013 - 10

Development of an integrated system for the survey of cyanobacteria in freshwater ecosystems.


Geographical Information System based hydrogeochemical analysis tools

QUIMET SPAIN 2013 - 10

Sludge reducer for wastewater treatment plants

Waste Red project SPAIN 2013 - 10

McPhreeqc software provides a way to do Monte-Carlo simulations automatically, this is applied in  geochemicall modelling

CROCK SPAIN 2013 - 10

How to make equal agricultural water demand and supply, thanks to non linear pricing.

Water-bargain FRANCE 2013 - 10

Determine the risks of deterioration of water quality in agricultural catchments

2013 - 10

New miniaturised in situ sensors, capable of high frequency analysis.

Trophimatique FRANCE 2013 - 10

Remineralization/neutralisation of drinking water through injection of lime milk suspension.

Lime Milk FRANCE 2013 - 10

Setting  fallen or cutted trees with steel cable in river banks.

Wired trees FRANCE 2013 - 10

Settler filter for drinking trough (cows)

Settler filter for drinking trough FRANCE 2013 - 10

Analytical methodologies for emerging  micro-pollutants in complex matrices.


The use of Sustainable Unmanned Aerial System-based Remote sensing in water management at regional level and a service to advice on the use of them.

AG-GUAS SPAIN 2013 - 10

After-treatment technology for urban wastewater sludge

NPTT ROMANIA 2013 - 10

Monitoring the satisfaction of citizen for water supply and wastewater services.

A-PORT ROMANIA 2013 - 10

DSS for early warning on waste water discharges and other human impacts on water quality.


Software for groundwater resources modeling

SMAA SPAIN 2013 - 10

Taking into account forest in existing surface and groundwater models: example of MODCOU


Renaturation of sediments transports for  streams ecological-economic reconquest.

Hydro-mimicry FRANCE 2013 - 10
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