Water RtoM Guidelines


Water RtoM Guidelines provide best practices to speed-up the transfer of water related research outputs to practitioners based on project partners’ experience, gained during the project. The guide offers the perspective of realities by national markets of water in which the four partners have implemented the project.

The specific objectives of these Guidelines are:

  • To introduce a set of tools that supports the dissemination and the promotion of the research outputs to the market, all of them developed during Water RtoM project, 
  • To provide 10 best practices for the water knowledge transfer coming from lessons learnt of Water RtoM project,
  • To recommend on how to better achieve the water knowledge transfer.
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  • Download the Guidelines :
    Water-r-to-M Guidelines
    Water RtoM Guidelines.pdf (July 2013)

The Guideline are meant for water practitioners, being mostly river basin agencies, water utilities, suppliers of the technologies, as well as researchers, research funding bodies  and knowledge transfer institutions who are all involved in the water management process..


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