Action 3 - Promotion of Innovation Precursors

3.1 - Development of the Precursors Marketing Strategy

The Precursors Marketing Strategy (PMS) describes the brokerage events and associated activities that will be implemented during the project, to convince and identify practitioners to go further and develop innovations ; the kind of events that will feed the PMS are the following:

  • Brokerage events : typically a 1 or 2-day workshop, back-to-back with a larger regular event (Pollutec in France, IFAT in Germany, WODKAN in Poland, annual World Water Week in Sweden, EXPOAPA in Romania, etc) or conferences organised by the partners and associated partners (like the Euro-INBO annual meeting), about a rather wide spectrum of precursors
  • eFair : a permanent virtual area for brokerage of precursors on a free access basis (although with the necessity to contact the team to go further).
  • Seminars : typically one-day events organised at local (national or regional) level, focused sharply on one topic
  • eSeminars : typically a series of 2-hour web-based conferences, focused sharply on one topic, repeated along the year

Expected results:

A regularly updated programme of events, with (after year 1) 3 main events per year at EU level, 10 seminars per year and between 6 and 10 e-seminars per year.

Deliverables : the PMS version 1 on August 2011, and the version 2 on October 2012

3.2 - Development and operation of the e Infrastructure

Development of the e infrastructure of the project, including :

  • The project web site, with information about WaterRtoM
  • The partners collaborative web site, with restricted access
  • The eFair facility, allowing to use Web2.0 features, like online presentations and videos, social networking, podcasts, etc.
  • The e-seminar facility, based on a web-conferencing system
  • E Newsletters for the different audiences

The project aims to develop afunctioning communication platform.


3.3 - Brokerage Events

The project team will participate and organise events to promote the precursors and the PMS, to look for new partners interested in using our materials, to promote the initiatives and share the information. The events are those named in 3.1 (above).

Expected results:

The organisation of (after year 1) 6 main events at EU level, 16 seminars and 12 e-seminars

Deliverables : Brokerage events compilation reports every 6 months after the first on March, 2012.

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