Action 2.1 ReMAS

The Research to Market Assessment Strategy (ReMAS) will be based on a questionnaire to be filled by the project team, during live discussions with the “outputs owners” ; this Precursor Candidate Application will then be assessed and quantified by the project team following a precise procedure, with thresholds.

The items of the questionnaire will include issues like the distance-to-the-market, the risks for the stakeholders, the foreseen cost-to-market, and the necessary steps ahead ; this is very different from the usual peer-review of research, because scientific aspects will be poorly considered, instead of the way the innovation could fit with questions from practitioners.

This evaluation includes an assessment of matters related to Intellectual Property Rights and existing patents, which could undermine the re-use of knowledge ; related existing standards will also be examined, to see whether the precursor is compatible, or should need an additional work for reshaping the standards or developing new ones.

The ReMAS will embed its own Quality Assurance Scheme, with the description of the procedures to use it, and the reporting of every step of its implementation

Methods employed:

The drafting of the ReMAS will be fed by actual practices of the partners, the lessons learned by other initiatives, and the experience of the Enterprise Europe Network ; it will be revised according to the feedbacks of the first projects.


A detailed methodology for assessing research / pilot outputs, and their potential for innovation – the tool will have been field-tested and the third version should be robust enough to be well accepted by the stakeholders

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