Speed up the transfer of water research output

Submitted by admin on Sat, 2011-03-05 19:19

Water Research to Market project aims to add a step between research and the existing technology transfer schemes to SME by pro-actively digging, assessing and promoting the research outputs, while targeting not only the companies but also their clients.


The following activities describe the project methodology:

  • A permanent watching of the sector (research products, tools for practitioners, etc.).
  • A standardised method for an in depth assessment of potential benefits of emerging tools. This constitutes a method for assessing research outputs in terms of "distance to market" and in terms of  how to make them operational for practitioners (cost, risk) : ReMAS.
  • A road map, for some selected results, for the implementation of the innovative results: Business Case.
  • A strategy for the identification of interest practitioners and, in parallel, the  promotionof innovative precursors (the above selected research outputs): Precursor Marketing Strategy.


Countries : France, Spain, Poland, Romania
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