Action 1 - Permanent watching of the sector

Action 1.1 :     Development of close contacts with water key stakeholders

The project will develop a strategy to be in close touch with its environment :
  • with the researchers :  thanks to a permanent survey of the existing databases of projects, funded either by the EC through the FP5-6-7, or by the Member States, and then the collection of information from the projects websites, and direct contacts with some teams – to feed a permanently updated list of projects with basic information about their outputs, with a first ranking about their potentiality to become Innovation Precursors.
  • with the practitioners : by participating at the different forum/events lead by their bodies, like the WFD-CIS, the WSSTP and their pilot groups, the Water ERA-Net, INBO, and others ; the Liaison Committee will be a key tool for this purpose (see action 1.2). Also those of them involved in demonstration projects (LIFE, INTERREG, others) will be approached to get information about the potential re-use of the outputs of these projects.

Expected results :

It is anticipated to identify, list and rank about 50 (2011) up to 70 (2013) projects (either research or demonstration), for being then able to select a number of 20 (2011) up to 30 (2013) promising projects to feed the next step (action 2.2).
Deliverables : the sorted list of pre-selected projects and regular updates will be issued every 6 months.

Action 1.2: Liaison Committee

The anticipated role of the LC is to link the project to the needs of the different stakeholders, and to be sure that we (the partnership) don’t develop a set of tools not closely tailored to the real-life context : its members will assess the draft versions of the tools (ReMAS and PMS), both themselves and by asking to their colleagues to do so.

They represent a large panel of stakeholders (public water management bodies, private companies, both large utilities and SMEs, researchers), and their different sensibilities, although adding complexity, will help to design a robust toolbox, enlarging then the client base : our objective is to create an intermediary in-between those communities to help them to work together.

Expected results (quantitative information when possible):

  • Useful advices to the project
  • Good connections with the stakeholders and recognition of the value of WaterRtoM
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