Organisation and Meetings


LC provided advices on the tools development and their usage, on the selected products and support to participate to brokerage events, to disseminate Water RtoM products in their networks. Their decisions were gathered in the minutes reported after each meeting. The LC met 5 times during the project, and each partner has created direct contacts with their LC members all around the project and when needed they meet in their own countries
The executive board met the Liaison Committee during the 3 years of the projects duration:
  • 5 plenary sessions: 3 face-to-face (once per year), 2 at distance (once a year alternatively)
  • Bilateral exchanges (by mail, phone or other) about their expectation and how the project could meet them.

LC meetings



N°1 –  June 2011


Bucharest- RO

N°2 – Nov. 2011


At distance

N°3 – June 2012


Gdansk- PL

N°4 – January 2013


At distance

N°5 – June 2013


Barcelona– ES


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