Expected results

Once a identification of water related research projects has been listed. It is anticipated to select a number of 20 (year 1) up to 30 (year 3) promising research projects. The objective of this selection is to assess in depth their research outputs, and a business case for 8 - 12 outputs per year to will be prepare accordingly with their quality. Those outputs can be seen as innovation precursors ; then it is expected that somme of those precursors will be taken over by innovators.

Regarding the promotion means it is expected to run next events :

Event Duration Participants Scope Level Number
Water RtoM promotion
Brokerage 1 or 2 days 200 - 300 Broad EU 3 events per year at EU level
eFair permanent >500 visitors Borad EU  
seminar 1 day 50 - 100 Sharp focus National or regional 2 seminars per year per country
e-seminar 2-hour web conferences 15 - 25 Sharp focus National 2 e-seminars per year per country


The partnership will also investigate the sustainability of “WaterRtoM as a Service” after the project ends. For this purpose different business cases will be drafted, according to the funding mix which will emerge from the demonstration and the contacts with the stakeholders (market analysis).

Also an institutional structure (a European Economic Interest Group, or a Foundation, a non-profit commercial organisation, etc) of the partnership (open to new members) will be studied.


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