Action 2 - ReMAS

This action is composed of 2 sub actions:

2.1: Development of the Research to Market Assessment Strategy (REMAS)

The REMAS is a method for assessing the research outputs included the distance-to-the-market, the risks for the stakeholders, the forseen cost-to-market and the necessary steps ahead. The scientific aspects are poorley considered instaed of the way the innovation could fit with questions from practitioners.

Deliverable: a detailed methodology for assessing research / pilot outputs and their potential for innovation


2.2: Ranking of outputs as potential Precursors – analyze

The Water RtoM team will select a number of 20 (year 1) to 30 (year 3) promissing projects for applying the ReMAS. Then , the team will select 8-12 outputs per year which can seen as innovation precursor and will prepare a business case for each.

Business case is an analyse of what should be done to develop innovation and which could be the contant for a pilot project led by a SME.

Deliverable: REMAS reports for 70 projects output and 30 business cases for all the project duration

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