Action 2.2 Assessment of precursors

From the sorted list of projects which outputs could be potentially interesting (from action 1.1), the team will select a number of 20 (year 1) up to 30 (year 3) promising projects for applying the ReMAS.

This assessment will then allow the team to select 8 - 12 outputs per year (according to their quality), which can be seen as innovation precursors and prepare a business case for each ; a business case is a description of what should be done to develop innovation – and which could be then the content of a further pilot project led by an SME together with a test bed.

From those business cases the most promising will be selected for the main brokerage events, and will also, as well as the others, feed the e Fair facility.

Methods employed:

This classification is not only a desk-based work, and close contacts with the research teams will help to identify strengths and weaknesses of the outputs, and the steps further which are needed, particularly when preparing the business cases


  • Year 1 : 20 projects outputs ReMAS reports – 8 business cases
  • Year 2 : 25 projects outputs ReMAS reports – 10 business cases
  • Year 3 : 30 projects outputs ReMAS reports – 12 business cases
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