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The Water RtoM brokerage event, Sept. 29th

Since the INBO meeting is attended by decision-makers and specialists responsible for the implementation of water policies in their respective countries, as well as for the general water management and the preparation of river basin management plans, the Water RtoM partners decided to organize a brokerage session.

The brokerage event aims to bring together the water organisations who identify needs with those who can offer solutions to foster discussions towards the transfer of innovations with technical support from Water RtoM.

In order to evaluate our service (our support), you would express your opinion: do such exchange sessions serve their purpose, what do you thing about their format and what are your expectations. We would be grateful if you could also tell us about your needs from the perspective of you everyday tasks; this will help Water RtoM to find the right research projects and to present them to persons involved in water management.

Event Date : 
27 - 30 september 2011
Event Place: 
Porto (Portugal)
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