Blue revolution within a green economy, Water2Adapt project WEBINAR. Jaroslav Mysiak, FEEM

Submitted by evelyne on Tue, 2013-03-05 16:10
2013-03-15 15:08

This is the first in a series of webinars where the project coordinators and scientists from the 6 IWRM-net funded research projects present the work they have achieved and take the time to explain to you the results. The presentations are targeted at a wide audience, to interest water managers, other scientists and policy makers.
The presentations will be made using Adobe Connect Pro, the webconferencing system used by the International Office for Water and the meeting room will be made available shortly before the event. To register your interest and to receive in invitation to the online meeting room please send and email with your name, organisation and interests to or


Event Date : 
15 March 2013
Event Place: 
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