Coming soon : National seminar « 5 Innovations in lakes restoration technics » (Language : PL), Gdansk, Poland - 19-21 March

Submitted by evelyne on Fri, 2013-02-15 14:40
2013-02-15 13:38

Due to the increasing interest in the environmental issues related to the lakes restoration and the presence of over 5 outputs promoted in the Water Research to Market frames that are related to this issue, Gdansk Water Foundation (GFW), as a training center, has decided to organize a national seminar devoted to the mentioned subject. Using the opportunity that the project give, GFW has decided to invite over 5 output owners, with subject related to lake, aquifer restoration and water monitoring to share their experience with a wide public of water authorities, local and regional administration, governmental units, technologists and private investors. The seminar duration is planned for 3 days and apart from project owners will also include 45 min lectures form key speakers involved in water lake restoration area connected to the technology itself as well as administration path leading to the application of the mentioned technology. For more information about the outputs included in the seminar please do not hesitate to check out web page and e-fair tool for projects titled EHREK, EKOROB, ZIZOZAP, GNIEZNO, DECEMON and DeWELopment. For more information visit Gdańsk Water Foundation web page ( or contact GFW using the details provided hereunder on this site.

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