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LIFE09 ENV/FR/000593 - Launched 1st of September 2010

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The Liaison committee (the experts board of the project) will meet for the first time in June 14th in Buccarest (Romania). It will enlarged with a participatory event to discuss on the Research to Market Assessment Strategy with a large public of stakeholders


Layman's report available

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The Layman report published in September 2013, is available. This document aimed to inform decision-makers and non technical parties on the objectives of the project and results achieved.

Download the Layman's report

A French version is available

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Final version of the GUIDELINES available !

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Based on he experience of Water RtoM activities, this document provides best practices and recommendations to enable a better understanding for readers on how to promote innovation and disseminate information about water related research outputs .This document also outlines the tools that have been developed and deployed for Water RtoM purposes.

The presented tools have been accordingly established and updated with the observations and evidence gather during the project.


Final seminar of Water RtoM, June 25th 2013

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25th June 2013
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Barcelone, Spain

E-seminar on Guidelines (Spanish), July 23rd, 2013

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Guía sobre cómo mejorar la transferencia del conocimiento- Seminario online, Julio 23, 2013

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at distance
2013-04-30 09:30
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The main objective of this e-seminar is to create awareness on some innovations in the field of energy saving and recovery in water treatment facilities close to the market and encourage participants to uptake them. Organised under the umbrella of WaterRtoM, the objective is also to promote concepts and approaches of the project and give the message : Water RtoM is a service to speed up the innovation

The programme:

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E-seminar Recovery and energy saving, April 30th 2013

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2013-02-15 13:38

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FINAL CONFERENCE NOVIWAM The Final NOVIWAM event will facilitate exchange of knowledge, matchmaking and networking with stakeholders of diverse profiles, providing a room and a layout for future projects and collaborations. The conference will also include a parallel Brokerage Event on the 21st of January aiming to enhance opportunities to explore and find partners, mainly from the water, agriculture and RTD&I sector. The activity will focus on one-to-one pre-scheduled meetings.

 More information  (

1st Liaison Committee meeting June 14th, 2011, Bucharest

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1st Liaison Committee in Bucharest June 14th 2011

You can download the Agenda

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